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Best Online Therapy in 2021

2021 has seen a massive growth in online therapy, find out the best platforms available.

Accessing therapy online has never been easier. The events of COVID-19 have forced many therapists to consider how they can offer their services to patients. This has led to an increased offering of digital therapy. If you’ve been thinking of getting therapy, the time has never been better. Enjoy convenience and accessibility, while still getting the help you need.

With so many therapists now offering online services, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put this guide together, to help you sort through the many options available to you.

Top Eight Online Therapy Platforms in 2021

Online therapy can be a wonderful alternative to traditional therapy. Many patients receive just as much benefit as from a face-to-face session. If you’re looking for places to access online therapy, here are our top eight platforms to explore.

1. Talked

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our online therapy platform. After all, you’re already here! We’re the new kid on the block, making it easier for people to search and find the therapist who’s right for them. We pride ourselves in helping people access the services they need to live their best lives. Starting with providing an awesome database of therapists, ready to help you.

When you connect to a therapist via Talked you have the assurance that all mental health professionals listed on our site are qualified and have been vetted by us. We want you to get the best help possible. When it comes to your appointment, Talked offers integrated, secure video calls. No need for external apps like Zoom. Video calls are supported on all computers and mobile devices. So whether you’re using your phone, iPad or computer, enjoy the convenience of therapy. How does your own couch sound?

We’re confident with Talked you’ll get the help you need. But sometimes, it can be hard to find the right fit. That’s why you’re able to message therapists before booking your appointment. We know that for various reasons, people don’t always hit it off. We offer a money-back guarantee to help you feel comfortable as you find the help you need.


  • Easy to find and search for therapists

  • Message therapists before booking

  • Qualified and vetted therapists

  • Integrated video appointments

  • Accessible on mobile, iPad etc.

  • Money-back guarantee


  • Telehealth therapy only

You can easily find and book a therapist in just a few clicks. Take a look at the therapists available now.

2. Better Help

Better help is the largest online global counselling services. Once you sign up, Better Help will match you to a therapist suited to your needs, based on the information you provide them in signing up. If you’re looking for affordable, convenient care with low hassle this is an option to consider.

If you don’t like the counsellor you’ve been matched with, you can request to be rematched. All counsellors on the site are qualified. Therapists have at least three years of experience. All listed professionals have been vetted by the site.

This is a global platform. Australian users should be aware that qualifications can vary depending on the area in which the counsellor practices. Better Help is associated with the American Psychological Association.

Once you’ve signed up and been matched with a counsellor you are able to chat with them via messaging, live chatting, phone or video call. This varies depending on the counsellor and their availability.


  • A large global database of therapists

  • Matches people to therapists

  • Relatively affordable


  • Not Australian, so prices are shown in USD

  • People have less control over the therapists they’re matched with

  • Insurance and other accessibility programs may not apply

  • Difficult to find a specific therapists for your needs

3. My Mirror

My mirror is an Australian based online therapy platform. It aims to support all Australians throughout life. Because it’s Australian based, the platform has integrated many of the support systems that help Aussies access mental health support. This includes supporting bulk billing and medicare rebates.

The platform is able to be used by anyone over the age of 16. Those who are between the ages of 16-18 will need parental, guardian or GP consent to access My Mirror services. There is information for those under 16s who want to access therapy.


  • Psychologists available 21 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Supports Medicare rebates and bulk billing (where applicable)

  • Ability to be anonymous whilst receiving psychological care


  • Difficult to search for a specific therapists

  • Counsellors or psychotherapists not available

  • Unable to just view a list of a therapists

  • Expensive

4. TherapyTribe

TherapyTribe is a global online database of free health and wellness services such as support groups. They also have a database of therapists you can search to find the right match for you. Many, but not all, of these therapists, offer online therapy services.

The main advantage of this site is its offering of complimentary mental health services. There is a large listing of support groups and educational resources that can be helpful for your journey.


  • Large database of therapists

  • Search specifically for particular therapy specialisations

  • Search and find support groups


  • Not an Australian website, so therapists can be in different timezones

  • Not all therapists listed on the site offer online services

  • Therapists may not be vetted

5. Bark

Bark helps to match you with a number of therapists in your area, allowing you to compare their quotes and services easily. This is not a therapy-specific website. It is a database that all different types of service-based professionals can register for (everything from therapists to local photographers). If you’re looking for a therapist in your local area, this can be a great way to search and compare your options.


  • Helps to quickly find therapists in your areas

  • Compare quotes, services and reviews easily

  • Review therapists to share your experience with others


  • Lack of information on how therapists are vetted

  • Focus on quote comparison, rather than other factors

  • Need to put in your contact details which can result in SPAM

  • Therapists in this database may/may not offer online therapy services.

6. OnlineTherapy

OnlineTherapy.com is a website with a wide range of therapy services. As well as handling your therapy on the platform, you can also have access to journaling, yoga and meditation activities. This platform focuses on CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and places emphasis on regular contact between you and your therapist. This is a pretty holistic approach that seems to have been very popular with many patients.

Access to OnlineTherapy.com is based on a USD subscription fee. A personal therapist will be assigned to you once you sign up. You will have the same therapist throughout the program, from start to finish.


  • A holistic approach to mental health care

  • Number of pricing tiers for different budgets

  • Most therapists appear to be qualified


  • Subscription service, where you have to pay a monthly fee

  • Not covered by your insurance/medicare rebates

  • Offline access is possible but clunky.

  • You do not get to choose your therapist, one will be assigned to you.

7. PsychHelp

PsychHelp is an Australian based company focused on making online therapy accessible for more Australians. The company is well integrated to support Australians with diverse needs. Including neurodivergent and those with disabilities. GP referral is quick and easy with PsychHelp. All PsychHelp therapists are experienced in helping those who are under NDIS support.

Sessions can be enquired about online, and you can view the full profile of each of the PyschHelp psychologists prior to booking your appointment.


  • Qualified and experienced psychologists

  • Convenient access to online therapy

  • Experience working with clients on the NDIS

  • Mental health plan support


  • Website is buggy and doesn't always work

  • You can't book directly

  • Smaller database of psychologists

8. MindBodyWell

MindBodyWell is an Australian therapy platform that helps Australians access telehealth (online) therapy easily. Access the range of physiologists by viewing their profiles on the website, and submitting a request on the new client intake form. MindBodyWell also has a number of dietitians that they work with, given their online clinic’s emphasis on dietetic therapy, and eating disorder therapy.


  • Qualified team of psychologists and dietitians.

  • Online telehealth supported

  • Supports Medicare rebates


  • A smaller team means less appointment availability

  • Can't book directly on the website

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